2.4: Installing updates remotely.

AIX support has developed a fast method of installing lpp's and providing updates across the network. The first thing you need to do is apply the latest updates to your base operating system, TCP/IP, and NFS. :

Note: You must be in the nameserver for this to work. You are in the nameserver if you have received notification of your TCP/IP address, usually via a note to your VM userid.

  1. Type /usr/prod/local/bin/service

  2. Select the update option and press Enter when told to do so.

    Note: If system hangs at this point, do a control v to free it up. (Keep left control key depressed while hitting the "v" key also.)

  3. Answer yes to prompt for latest update level. If you are doing updates to LPP's other than the base, TCP/IP, or NFS, then you must answer yes to each maintenance level for that LPP or group of LPP's.

    If you install Extended User Support or Administrative Services, then you have to say yes to updating the opsys again. These two lpp's are serviced by the opsys maintenance and not by the lpp maintenance.

  4. Install updates for the Base operating system, NFS, TCP/IP, and the kernel at this time, if you DID NOT install from the network. This will take quite a bit of time, especially when updating /usr/sys/386/386lib.a.