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   500ABus QIC 02 Adapter
MTRBIO 5017MetraByte uCDAS-16G A/D, D/A & Digital I/O Interface
MTRBDAQ 5018MetraByte GPIB Interface
 IOADF501CDT2901/05: Data Translation Analog/Digital I/O Adapter
 CDRADF5022Online CDI-210S (Sony) CD ROM Controller
 AUD 5023PCM Audio Record/Playback Unit
 CDR 5025Online CDI-210H (Hitachi) CD ROM Controller
 SCSIADF5028Emerald System SCSI Tape Adapter
 TAP 502EIDT FAME 9 Track Tape Coupler
 SCN 5035Panasonic FX-RS505/RS506 Image Scanner Adapter
 SCN 5039Kurzweil Flatbed Scanner Adapter
 SCN 503AKurzweil Discover 7320 Optical Char Recognition Scanner
 COM 5047GE Fanuc Series 90 Workstation Interface (IC640WMI920)
 TRADF5048ACCTON Token Ring RINGPAIR TR1803 MC Adapter
 SCN 5061PlusTek SCANPLUS Colour Scanner Adapter
INTEL  506CIntel Visual Edge
 SCSI 5073Bi-Tech 2300 Smart SCSI Interface
 SERADF5075AMS MULTI-IO-10 Adapter, 8-Serial
 NET 5076CNet ARCnet CN190/2 NIC
 COM 5077Rabbit RB77 Remote Communications Adapter
 MPOADF5078AMS MULTI-IO-11 Adapter (Rev B), 4-Serial 4-Parallel
 SERADF507EAMS MULTI-IO-20 Adapter (Rev B), 8-Serial
 MPOADF507FAMS MULTI-IO-21 Adapter (Rev B), 4-Serial 4-Parallel
 TAP 5080Chi NineTrack Tape Controller
 SCSI 5082Storage Plus Inc. SCSI Host Adapter
 AUDADF5084Creative Labs Sound Blaster Adapter
 DAQ 5086Scan-Graphics Compressor/Decompressor Accelerator
 SCSI 5087Tandon SCSI CAM Host Adapter
 SCSIADF508CTrantor T228 SCSI Host Adapter
 SCSIADF508ETrantor T260 SCSI Host Adapter
 NETADF50A0Professional Microchannel DG/StarLAN Controller
 NETADF50A1Professional DG/LAN Controller
 AUDADF50C1Artisoft Inc. Sounding Board // Data Translation 2901 Data Aquisition Board
 TAP 50D21Mb/s - 500Kb/s Tape Controller - H/W Data Compression
 TAP 50D4QIC02 Tape Controller - H/W Data Compression
   50F5Scan-Graphics Compressor/Decompressor Accelerator
 PARADF5101AMS MULTI-PARALLEL-1 Adapter (Rev B), 4-Parallel
 AUDADF5103Creative Labs Soundblaster Pro (MCV CT5330)
  ADF5108Procom Technology, Inc. PIRA 55
NCRAUDADF5116NCR Business Audio with FM Synthesis
   511FNetWorth, Inc. - v Series
NCRPRCADF5121NCR Recognition Accelerator Board 4MB
 SCSI 5124Emerald Systems SCSI-HAC Tape Adapter
 TAPADF5125Micro Channel Tape Drive Host Adapter // Tecmar QIC-60 QT-60/90/125 // Wangtek TS150/5
 TAPADF5126Tecmar Floppy Tape Controller
 TAPADF5127Tecmar QIC-02 Host Adapter w/Data Compression
 SCSI 5128Tecmar SCSI Host Adapter
 SCSI 5130_0Tecmar HDE+ SCSI Host Adapter
 AUDADF5130SoundPiper 16/32 Adapter
NCRAUDADF5136NCR Audio Adapter w/o FM Synthesis
 AUDADF5137REPLY SB16 & SCSI Adapter
 AUDADF5138REPLY SB16 Adapter
 AUDADF5150ChipChat Sound Card
INTELPRC 5152Intel Connection CoProcessor
INTELPRC 5156Intel Channel Connection CoProcessor w/Modem Option
 SCSI 5186Daitoh SCSI Interface Adapter
 PRT 51FFETen Laser Printer Controller
 COM 5260AT&T PC/PBX Interface Adapter
   5278RPTI-NET 1000M (R1000M-001/3)
MTRBDAQ 52C0MetraByte High Speed 32 Bit Digital IO
CMLSSCSIADF5323Cumulus SCSI Adapter C5640B (3 Plus SCSI Adapter)
 SCSI 5324Infosys SCSI C5640 Adapter
 SCSI 5327Emerald Systems SCSI-HAC Tape Adapter
 IOADF5333National Instruments GPIB IEEE-488 Interface
 ETADF5347Invisible Ethernet/A Adapter
 NETADF5348Invisible Network Model 300/A Adapter
 NETADF5349Invisible Network Model 200/A Adapter
 IO 5353National Instruments MC-DIO-32F
 COM 5356TOPS FlashCard LocalTalk Adapter
 TAPADF5500CORE Tape Controller
 TAP 5502CORE CNT-MCF Tape Controller
 PRTADF5541Alert Technology Printer Adapter
 FLD 5555External Floppy Controller
 NETADF55FFOrchid PCnet Communication Adapter
CBLTETADF5600Cabletron Ethernet Board E3020
CBLTETADF5601Cabletron Ethernet Board E3020-X
CBLTETADF5602Cabletron Ethernet Board E3030
CBLTETADF5603Cabletron Ethernet Board E3030-X
CBLTETADF5604Cabletron Ethernet Board E3040
CBLTETADF5605Cabletron Ethernet Board E3040-X
CBLTETADF5606Cabletron Ethernet Board E3010
CBLTETADF5607Cabletron Ethernet Board E3010-X
CBLTETADF5608Cabletron Systems E3100 Series Ethernet Adapter w/ 16K RAM
CBLTETADF5609Cabletron Systems E3100-X Series Ethernet Adapter w/ 64K RAM
 PARADF5656AMS MULTI-PARALLEL-2 Adapter, 4-Parallel
 SCNADF5666Scanner Adapter GSII
 TAPADF568BMaynStream QIC-02 Tape Adapter
 TAPADF568DMaynStream SCSI Tape Adapter
 MPT 56AFICOT Multi-Protocol Adapter
 NET 56CED-Link (DN-300)
 ETADF56EAD-Link Ethernet Card DE-320CT
 TAPADF5756Alloy FTC500 Tape Adapter
 SCN 57DFDFI Handy Scanner HS-3000-II
 TAPADF57FEArchive Tape Drive Host Adapter

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