Adding an Attribute to General Design Rules

atarget.gif (1372 bytes) This task shows you how to add an attribute to the general design rules.

In addition to design rules that are specific to a standard or to a specification catalog, this application has design rules that apply every time you are placing a part. Although you cannot add a new design rule, you can modify existing ones; and, you can add attributes for informational purposes to the Design Rules Catalog.

For instance, you can create an attribute called VendorName and link it to a list of approved vendor names. You can now assign a vendor name to an object at parts creation time; information that will always be available to the user. 

When you want to add an attribute that doesn't change from one standard to the next you add it here under Discrete Values. 

You can only add an attribute that has discrete values.

ascenari.gif (1364 bytes) 1. Create a text file - with Notepad or another text editor - and enter values for the new attribute. Refer to one of the existing text files to see the format. Save the file in the directory where the other files are located. Give the file the same name as the attribute and follow the naming convention as evident in the existing files. The default location of the DesignRules catalog is ...intel_a\Startup\EquipmentAndSystems\Piping\DesignRules
2. Now you need to add the attribute under the general design rules and link it to the file you just saved. To do this open the ...DesignRules catalog in the application. (Use File-Open or drag it on to the workbench from Windows Explorer.)

3. An attribute can only be added under the DiscreteValues column. Double click on it  to make it active and click on the Add Family button . The Component Family Definition dialog box displays.

4. Enter a name for the new attribute. Under Type select Standard. Click OK. The new attribute will display in the list of attributes under DiscreteValues.

5. Double click new attribute, in this case VendorName, to make it active and click the Add Component button . The Description Definition dialog box displays.

6. Click the Select Document button and, in the File Selection dialog box that displays, navigate to the file you created in Step 1. Select the file and click Open.

The values in the text file are now linked to the attribute you just created. Save your changes.

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