Snapping Parts to a Run

This task shows you how to:
  • move a part in free space and snap it to a run.
  • snap supports to a modified run.

Moving In-Line Parts explains how to move and offset in-line parts. Rotating In-Line Parts explains various ways to rotate in-line parts and set the angle of rotation.

Piping parts are used here for illustration purposes. The procedure is the same for other types of parts.


With your document open, click the Move/Rotate Part on the Run button . The Move/Rotate dialog box displays.

Click the Move Physical Parts to Run button .

2. To move a part in free space and snap it to a run (and create a connection), select Snap to Run's Extremity from the Options drop-down list.

Point to the part that you want to move and select a connector.

Select the run extremity.

The part moves and snaps to the run extremity, and creates a connection.

Click OK to complete the task and close the Move/Rotate dialog box.

3. To move supports (such as hangers) that have come off a modified run, and snap them back to the run, select Snap Support(s) to Run in the Options drop-down list in the Move/Rotate dialog box.

Select the modified run. This also selects the supports that are off the run.

Click OK and the supports snap back on the run.