Saving the Mass Attribute in SmarTeam

This section provides operating instructions to system administrators who need to integrate CATIA mass attributes in the SmarTeam database. System administrators need to perform three main operations:

Instructions for designers working in the Generative Sheet Metal workbench are provided in Creating the Mass Parameter in the Generative Sheet Metal Workbench.

Creating the CN_MASS Attribute

First of all, as a system administrator you need to create a new relationship between CATIA and SmarTeam. To do so, use the Data Model Designer utility to define an attribute related to the mass property.

  1. From the SmarTeam Data Model Designer window, create the CN_MASS attribute for any CATIA object class. You can create the attribute on CATIA Part class if necessary.

For reference information about SmarTeam Data Model Designer, see the SmarTeam-Editor documentation.

Customizing CATIA Profile Cards

Showing the CN_MASS attribute to designers means displaying values in profile cards. This involves customizing CATIA Profile Cards. To do so, use the Form Designer utility.

  1. Once the Form Designer utility is launched, from the Open Profile Card window select the CATIA Part class.

  2. Add a new TextEdit field to CATIA Profile cards.

    When done, when opening a CATIA Profile Card, the linked information (CN_MASS attribute) from the database is automatically displayed in this field.

For reference information about Form Designer, see the SmarTeam-Editor documentation.

Mapping CATIA MASS Attribute

The final step consists in mapping the CATIA MASS attribute with ST attribute CN_MASS. To do so, use the Integration Tools Setup utility.

  1. From the Integration Tool Setup window, select CATIA Part and run Open groups tree.

  2. Once in the Mapping Groups Tree window, use the add contextual command to add the MASS attribute.

  3. Map the MASS attribute with SmarTeam CATIA Part.CN_MASS attribute.

For reference information about the Integration Tools Setup, see the SmarTeam-Editor documentation.