Using the Measure Between Command
With a 3D Support

This task shows you how to measure the distance between sub-elements of the 3D working support grid and geometrical elements.
Open the Integration1.CATPart document containing a 3D working support.
You must activate Work On Support selection state in the User Selection Filter toolbar to be able to select sub-elements of the grid.
For further information, refer to the Selecting Using A Filter chapter in the CATIA Infrastructure User's Guide.
  1. Click Measure Between .

    The Measure Between dialog box appears.
  2. Select a geometrical element in the 3D geometry.

  3. Select a sub-element of the grid: it can be a line, a vertex or a plane (featurized plane created on a grid line).

    Measuring between a point and a line of the grid
    Measuring between a line and a point of the grid
    Measuring between a line and a plane of the grid:
  4. Click OK to exit the command.

    • Make sure Keep measure in the Measure Between dialog box is deselected.

    • Measures are neither associative nor persistent once you exit the command.

    Refer to Measuring Distances between Geometrical Entities for further information about this command.