What's New?

New Functionalities

Using the Instance Copy in Visualization Mode when the Cache option is activated in CATIA
This command allows you to create an instance copy in Visualization mode without loading the product reference.
Specifying default Save mode for New Products created by Insert New Product
This ENOVIA V5 VPM setting allows you to choose the Structure Exposed or Publications Exposed mode for New Products created by the Insert New Product command.

Enhanced Functionalities

Inserting an Existing Document and Part Version from ENOVIA V5
The Insert Component command allows you to select a document or a part version stored in the database when VPM Navigator is connected to ENOVIA.
Deactivating / Activating a Terminal Node: Interrupt on Activate Terminal Node
Users can manage the parts they want to visualize thanks to the functions Activate / Deactivate a Node function. The Activate / Deactivate a  Node function allows to visualize all parts in a specification tree. A progress bar appears to show how many objects are still to visualize. A new button, Interrupt, is available to stop the visualization.