Creating a Graph from a Sample

You can construct a graph:
  • Use a sample provided as an option at the document creation.

This task explains how to construct a simple graph from a sample. The CATSystem document created can be re-used in the User Tasks.

  1. In the Tools->Options->Knowledgeware->Product Functional Definition dialog box, check the options below and click OK:
          a) Sample Elements in Document contents at creation
          b) ASO in Tree display

  2. In the standard tool bar, select the Start->Knowledgeware->Product Functional Definition command. A graph similar to the one below is displayed:

  3. Double-click the Object.2 object, and rename it in Medicine. Repeat the same operation to rename Object.1 in Tissue, Object.3 in Piston and Object.4 in Finger.

  4. Select the Useful Action action, and delete it by using the Delete command from the contextual menu.

  5. Create the presses and moves useful actions as well as the saturates harmful action. To do this, see Creating and Moving an Action.

  1. Save the created document. Note that a document created with Product Function Definition has the .CATSystem extension.