Welcome to the Multi-Slide Lathe Machining User's Guide. This guide is intended for users who need to become quickly familiar with the Multi-Slide Lathe Machining Version 5 product.

This overview provides the following information:

Multi-Slide Lathe Machining in a Nutshell

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Multi-Slide Lathe Machining provides functionalities for programming Multi-slide lathe machines or Lathe centers by offering:
  • Machine slide definition: turrets and spindles
  • Structured programming: one program per turret
  • Selection of turrets and spindles at operation level (Turning, Milling, and Drilling)
  • Synchronization between operations for multi-turret machines
  • Machining Gantt chart for synchronization representation and programming time review
  • Support of Master/Slave definition for time computations with respect to instantaneous spindle speed
  • Time based replay for multi-turret machines
  • NC data output: one program per turret in a single file.

Supported operations are as follows:

  • Turning
  • Drilling
  • Milling
  • Auxiliary operations such as Tool Change, PP Instruction, and Machining Axis Change.

Limitations for this version of the product:

  • Update turning stock functionality is not available.
  • Generate machine rotations functionality is not available.
  • Video replay is By Program (Turret) not By Spindle (cross programs).
  • Auto-sequencing is not available.

Multi-Slide Lathe Machining is an add-on product for the Version 5 Lathe Machining.

Before Reading this Guide

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Before reading this guide, you should be familiar with basic Version 5 concepts such as document windows, standard and view toolbars. Therefore, we recommend that you read the Infrastructure User's Guide that describes generic capabilities common to all Version 5 products. It also describes the general layout of V5 and the interoperability between workbenches.

You may also like to read the following complementary product guides, for which the appropriate license is required:

  • NC Manufacturing Infrastructure User's Guide: explains how to use common NC Manufacturing functionalities
  • Lathe Machining User's Guide: provides useful information about lathe machining environment and turning operations.
  • Prismatic Machining User's Guide: provides useful information about axial machining operations.

Getting the Most Out of this Guide

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To get the most out of this guide, we suggest that you start reading and performing the step-by-step Getting Started tutorials. These tutorials will show you how to produce NC programs for multi-turret and multi-spindle turning.

Then you should move on to the User Tasks section, which gives more complete information about the product's functionalities. The Reference section provides useful complementary information.

The Workbench Description section, which describes the commands that are specific to Multi-Slide Lathe Machining, and the Customizing section, which explains how to customize settings, and the Methodology section, which provides useful information about recommended work methods, will also certainly prove useful.

Accessing Sample Documents

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To perform the scenarios, you will be using sample documents contained in the doc/online/mlgug_C2/samples folder. For more information about this, refer to Accessing Sample Documents in the Infrastructure User's Guide.