Browsing the Kinematics Mechanism

This task shows you how to browse the properties of the selected kinematics mechanism.
aprereq.gif (1223 bytes) Insert  the KIN_EX17* .model files from the samples folder.

They are to be found in online\kinug_*X2\samples

If you work with the Cache System, make sure you are in Design mode (select Edit > Representations > Design Mode.). for more detailed information, refer to the DMU Navigator user's Guide - Task: Viewing the Cache Content.
  1. Select KIN_EX17_00_F1_ACTIVE and expand the tree.

  2. Right-click the kinematics mechanism in the specification tree or select the Edit > Properties... from the menu bar.

  3. In the first case, select Properties from the contextual menu displayed.
    The Properties dialog box is displayed:

  4. Click OK.

  5. Click Mechanism Analysis I_KinPropertiesP2.gif (301 bytes). The general properties of the kinematics mechanism are displayed as shown below.

  6. You can select another mechanism using the Mechanism name drop-down list.

  7. If you select the Show joints option, this is what you obtain:

    gsbrowsingproperties01.gif (3926 bytes)

  8. If you click lawsbutton.gif (1091 bytes), you access to a graphic representation of the laws associated to each command. It is represented by a colored curve. When you pass the cursor along the curve, information about the law is displayed in the status bar.

    dblawsdisplay01NLS.gif (25179 bytes)

    For more detailed information refer to Analyzing A Mechanism and to Simulating with Laws.