Opening a CATIA Version 4 Model in CATIA Version 5

This task shows you how to open a CATIA Version 4 model in CATIA Version 5.
You may want to customize certain settings before proceeding with this task. For more information, see Customizing Compatibility Settings.
  1. Click the Open icon or select the File>Open command. The File Selection dialog box appears.

  2. In this box, find the directory specified above.

  3. Either select XWINGS.model and click the Open button or double-click the model. Where there are many different types of files, it may be useful to click the Files of type list and specify model as the document type. The following document will appear:

In CATIA V5, this model is Read-Only and therefore cannot be modified.


Limited and pre-defined Number of Tab Pages:

Opening a Model with many tab pages may sometimes lead to high memory consumption.

The user can choose to open a model with a limited number of tab pages. For this, the number of tab pages will be pre-defined by an environment variable:

  • On Windows: set MDL_WSP_NB=number of tab pages
  • On UNIX: export MDL_WSP_NB=number of tab pages

The default value will be fixed to 50 tab pages.

In case of limitation, a Warning will appear, indicating that the number of workspaces has been reduced:

  • If, in CATIA Version 4, you defined specific views for a model by means of IMAGE/WINDOW+DEFINE, you can still use these views by clicking the View>Defined Views... command.
  • For other ways of opening existing CATIA Version 4 models, see "Opening Existing Documents" and "Opening Most Recently Used Documents" in the CATIA - Infrastructure User's Guide.
  • V4 models residing on UNIX can be accessed from Windows using the http protocol. (Make sure beforehand that an http server has been installed on the machine where the models reside.) The address to be specified should look something like this: http://UNIXserver: port/V4modellocation