Before You Begin

When a V4 2D Model is migrated from V4 to V5, the elements that referenced 2D standards in V4 (dimensions, texts, etc.) sometimes need to reference 2D standards in V5. 

V5 standard parameters need to be properly defined (as in V4) in order for the migration result to be equivalent to the original V4 2D Model.

This section explains the methodology for managing V5 standards for V4 to V5 migration of 2D Draw elements, based on the existing V4 standards. You will learn: 
  • how the migration of 2D Draw elements (dimensions, texts, arrows, lines and patterns) is carried out,
  • and what you need to pre-define concerning the V5 standard parameters before starting the migration process.
For detailed information regarding the mapping of V4 and V5 2D Standard parameters, refer to V4V5_Standards_Mapping_V07.pdf. This document is available on the Program Directories CD-ROM shipped with CATIA documentation, selecting Solutions and Products > General and Open Issues > CATIA Mechanical Design > Interactive Drafting.

About V4 to V5 Standards Management

When managing standards for V4 to V5 migration, you will need to bear the following information in mind:

  • As in V4, it is a CATIA administrator who manages V5 standards definition.
  • In V5, standards are defined via the Standards Editor: Tools > Standards, Drafting category.
  • A complete standard definition is stored in a XML file. For example, ANSI.xml defines the ANSI standard.
  • In V4, a .Model can mix different standards whereas in V5, a .CATDrawing is mono-standard: when a new .CATDrawing is created, only one standard defined in the Standards Editor (and stored in a single XML file) can be referenced and is embedded in the .CATDrawing.
  • Whatever the standard of the V4 view was prior to being copied into CATIA Version 5, once in V5, the standard is that selected when you open the .CATDrawing document.

For more information, refer to the Administration Tasks chapter in the Interactive Drafting User's Guide.

Referencing the Project File (PRJ) 

Before starting the migration process, you need to reference in V5 the project file (PRJ) used to create the V4 2D model. To do this, go to Tools > Options > General > Compatibility > V4 Data Reading tab, and fill in the PROJECT File Patch and DLNAME fields. 

The PRJ files must be renamed on UNIX before being installed on a Windows system: all the "±" (plus or minus sign) must be replaced by "_" (underscore) in PRJ filenames. For example, my±filename.prj on Unix must be renamed my_filename.prj.

About 2D Migration Methodology

The methodology which is applied when migrating 2D Interactive and 2D Generative drawings is shown in the charts below.

V4 to V5 2D Interactive Drawing Migration

V4 to V5 2D Generative Drawing Migration

Standard Parameters

You can manage the following V5 standard parameters in preparation for V4 to V5 migration of 2D Draw elements: