The following task explains the methodology for managing V5 filters (layer filters, view filters and ditto filters) for V4 to V5 migration. For each type of filter, you will learn: 
  • how the migration of filters is carried out,
  • and what you need to pre-define concerning the V5 standard parameters before starting the migration process.

Layer Filters

Migration mechanism

Layers are migrated from V4 to V5 but regarding filters, only the visualized elements are migrated: the filter configuration has to be defined in V4 prior to migrating the 2D model.

V4 browsing with proper configuration V4 browsing with all the layers Result after migration


Once the layers have been migrated, you can recreate the filters structure in V5. You can define the filters (and also the layers) in the Standards Editor. Select the General category, and the CATDftStdlayersAndFilters.xml file.

Users can create new layer filters, using Tools > Visualization Filters. Users can also create new layers using the Other Layers option available from the Layer list in the Graphic Properties toolbar.

View Filters

Migration mechanism

During the migration, only the visualized elements are migrated. 

V4 browsing with proper configuration V4 browsing with all the layers on the views Result after migration


You need to define the filter configuration in V4 before migrating the 2D model.

Ditto Filters

Migration mechanism

In V5R10, it is possible to migrate ditto filters either in a structural mode or in a visualization mode.
If the structural mode is used, a multiple details structure is created: one detail is generated per ditto filter. The migration instantiates the detail as is visualized in V4 as the ditto to be seen.
The visualization mode migrates only the visualized elements in the master without the detail / dittos structure.

V4 browsing with proper configuration

Structural mode
The dittos structure is kept but not the filters structure.
Visualization mode
The visualized elements are migrated but the dittos are exploded Tools > Options > Compatibility, V4/V5 tab.