Routing an HVAC Line 

This task shows you how to create and route an HVAC line.
An HVAC line can only be created under a Line ID. You can route between equipment or components, from equipment or component to free space and vice versa, or entirely in free space. 

Enabling dynamic connectors in a component allows for automatic creation of connectors during the design process.

1. Click the Route HVAC Line   button.  The Route Line dialog box displays.

2. Click on the down arrow and select the Line ID under which you want to create the line. If you have numerous line IDs you can click Sort/Filter to search for the one you want.
3. Click New if you want to make a new Line ID.
4. Select one of the Route modes:
  • Horizontal/ Vertical: You can only route in horizontal or vertical segments.
  • Horizontal/Vertical/45 degrees: You can route in segments that are horizontal, vertical or at a 45-degree angle.
  • Point-to-point: You can route in any direction.
  • Single step: You indicate (by clicking) the beginning and end of a line. A line between the two points will be drawn for you in horizontal and vertical segments. The line will follow standard routing conventions, i.e. it will not intersect the components you are routing to and from, and it will adopt the most efficient route between two points. The image below shows a line being made between two components.

5. Begin routing. Double click to end routing in free space. Single click to end it at a component.