Locking and Unlocking Degrees of Freedom (DOF)  

ascenari.gif (1364 bytes) This describes how to lock and unlock individual manikin degrees of freedom. Locking a degree of freedom means that the corresponding segment will not move by this DOF, either in forward kinematics or in inverse kinematics.
It is possible to lock/unlock the entire manikin for one particular degree of freedom if the Body node is selected in the specification tree when activating the lock  command.

For more information on locking and unlocking degrees of freedom, read the following sections:

A manikin must be created or imported to complete the following procedures.

Locking DOFs

  1. To lock a degree of freedom, select Locks the active DOF The Lock DOF dialog box appears.


  2. Select the segment(s): to be locked, then the DOF.

  3. Select OK when completed.

  4. Follow these steps to discover the existing locked segments on a specific manikin:

a. Access the manikin Properties panel. To do this, right-click on the manikin from the product tree and select Properties.

OR  select the manikin and Edit -> Properties from the main menu.

The Properties panel appears.


Select the Angular Limitations tab.

c. A selection list displays the names of the DOFs that are currently locked.

Unlocking DOFs through the Properties panel

  1. Access the manikin Properties panel.

  2. Select the Angular limitations tab.

  3. Select the DOF(s) that must be unlocked.

  4. Select the Reset button. The selected DOFs are removed from the list.

  5. Select the Apply button, and OK.

    The Apply button must be clicked to reset the selected DOFs. Failure to do so will cause the operation to remain incomplete.