Working With the Sketch Tracer Product

Selecting an Image File

When creating an Immersive Sketch or an Immersive Sketch Using a Screenshot, you are prompted to select an image file.
It can be:
  • tiff
  • jpeg
  • bitmap
  • raw
  • psd
You can now select a Photoshop® image file from the drop-down list. This new format lets you manage layers in Photoshop®.

Setting Transparency on Paintings

This new capability enables to modify the transparency graphic attribute to handle more easily the geometry through the paintings. Indeed you can position the paintings before the geometry and still be able to visualize it.
To do so, simply right-click the painting and select the Properties contextual item. In the Graphic tab, drag the Transparency slider to set the appropriate value to make the part more or less transparent (between 0 and 255).

Click Apply in the Properties dialog box. Here is the result: