Removing Geometrical Supports

This task shows you how to remove in one shot a multi-selection of geometrical supports using the Remove All Supports contextual menu.

You can use this contextual menu in all the commands in which you have to select geometrical elements as support (for example: Geometrical Groups, Groups by Neighborhood, Groups by Boundary, Restraints, Loads, Masses, Analysis Connections, 1D Properties, 2D Properties, 3D Properties, ...).

This contextual menu is available only if one or several supports have been selected.

Open the sample08.CATAnalysis from the sample directory.

  1. Double-click Clamp.1 to edit it.

    The Clamp dialog box appears.

    In this particular example, three faces have been selected as clamp support.

  2. Right-click the Supports field and select Remove All Supports as shown below:

    The Supports field is updated.

    You can now select new geometrical supports.