Computing a Static Case Solution 

This task will show you how to compute the Static Case Solution of a Finite Element Model on which you previously created a Restraint object and a Load object. You will store the results in a given directory.

  1. Click External Storage in the Solver Tools toolbar.

    The External Storage dialog box appears.

    The Results and Computation Data are stored in one single file with given extensions:

    • xxx.CATAnalysisResults
    • xxx.CATAnalysisComputations

    To know more about external storage, refer to Specifying External Storage.

  2. If needed, change the path of the Result Data and/or Computation Data directories.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Click Compute .

    The Compute dialog box appears.

  5. Select All.

  6. Click OK.

    The Progress Bar dialog box provides a series of status messages (Meshing, Factorization, Solution) that inform you of the degree of advancement of the computation process.

    Upon successful completion of the computation, the status of all objects in the analysis specification tree up to the Static Case Solution.1 objects set is changed to valid. In other words, the   symbol appears no more.

    The color change of the Restraints and Loads symbols to blue, also reflecting the fact that the Static Case Solution computation was successful.