Routing a Cable

This task shows you how to route a cable from a cable reference catalog.
Enabling dynamic connectors in a component allows for automatic creation of connectors during the design process.
  1. Click the Route Cable button .

    The Catalog Browser displays.
    If necessary, navigate to select the catalog the Browse another catalog button .
    (The path for this catalog is: Doc\online\eldug_C2\samples\ElecCables.catalog)
  2. Double-click to open a family.

  3. Double-click to select the cable reference you want to route.

    The Route Cable window opens:
    Note that you can choose between different route modes:
    • Horizontal/Vertical
    • Horizontal/Vertical/45 degrees
    • Point-to-point
    • Single step.

    To know more about routing mode, refer to Basic Tasks.

    Keep the first one in this case.

  4. Begin routing: click a connector, for example the motor wide pin.

  5. To end routing, click the next component wide pin.

    At the end, the result looks like this:
    The specification tree is updated with the three cable segments PWC3.1, PWC3.2, PWC3.3.