Building a Component

This task shows you how to create a component and specify a type for it. This task assumes that you have created a graphic as described in Building a Graphic.
  1. With your graphic displayed, click the Build Component button .

    The Build Component dialog box displays the available classes.
  2. Double-click to expand the classes and see types and sub-types.

  3. Select a type, then select the graphic in the 2-D document.

  4. Enter a name for the component in the Component Name field.

  5. Click OK. The component is created.

Once you create a component you can add multi-discipline connectors to it. The connectors available are:
  • HVAC connectors
  • Piping connectors
  • Instrument connectors
  • Waveguide connectors.

You can also store the new component in a catalog. See Storing Objects in a Catalog for more information.