Compatibility   for
Electrical Harness Installation

This page deals with the options concerning:


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Isolated Mock-up Solids migration

Isolated Mock-Up Solids (SolidM) means that neither history nor specifications are stored.

For the migration two options are available:

  • as CGR: the SolidM conversion as CGR means that you will only get the meshing view (visualization mode)
  • as PartBody: the SolidM conversion as PartBody means that you will be able to see the geometry of the solid to edit it.

as CGR is the default value.

In the context of the electrical migration, select as PartBody to be able to add technology.

Migration Batch

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Interface Name

You need to enter CATIE3DMigration in this field if you want to migrate V4 electrical data to V5.

By default, this option is empty.


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Bundle segments

If this option is selected, each V4 BNS is migrated to a V5 bundle segment (CATPart document).

Multi-branchable document

If this option is selected, all the BNSs of a V4 GBN are migrated to one multi-branchable document in a V5 geometrical bundle. All the V5 bundle segments are stored in a single CATPart, the multi-branchable document.

By default, this option is selected.