Swept Volume for Manikin Movements  

This procedure describes how the user has the capability to generate a full-blown swept volume while manipulating the manikin, on a subset of manikin segments.  This functionality is intended to operate when the user will use the manikin in different situations, manipulate it with any of the available commands. The user is able to save the swept volume on the user's local machine.
Although the Swept Volume function appears in the Human Builder workbench, it is controlled by the DMU Space Analysis product (in the DELMIA brand), or the DMU Optimizer product (for CATIA Human Builder).  That is, this command will appear in the Human Builder workbench only if a valid license exists for the (DELMIA) DMU Space analysis 2 product or for the (CATIA/ENOVIA) DMU Optimizer 2 product.
The swept volume generated for manikin segments will take into account other objects, when these are attached on the manikin.
  A swept volume can be defined as the volume or space that is occupied by a moving object through one full stroke or movement.

In ergonomic analysis, the workspace of an arm or a leg in an airplane cockpit or an automotive vehicle, are of great importance to the study of the location and orientation of instruments and tools.  Similarly, when a worker task is analyzed, the specification of an elbow room for the factory worker to properly lift, move and place parts, when performing an assembly, is critical.  Swept Volume computation can greatly help achieve accurate results in these areas.

Read the following sections to gain a better understanding of the Swept Volume with a Manikin:

Swept Volume Using the Segments of an Manikin
Swept Volume with Segments Moving with an Attached or Picked Object