Swept Volume Using the Segments of an Manikin

This procedure describes how the user has the capability to generate a Swept Volume using segments of a Manikin.
  1. The manikin will grab the red cylinder.

  2. In the Manikin Tools toolbar, select the Swept Volume for Manikin Simulation

  3. The Swept Volume dialog box appears.

  4. Double-click on the Left Arm in the PPR tree.

  5. For the Selected Segments, select the manikin from the PPR tree, or the 3D geometry window. The dialog box appears with all the Left Segments selected. 

  6. Select OK.

  7. The Swept Volume floating toolbar appears.

  8. Select a Process activity with a segment activity.

  9.  Select the Process Simulation in the Simulation toolbar. Select the Run icon, and the manikin reaches for the red cylinder. Deactivate the Process Simulation icon when completed.

  10. Select the Stop Swept Volume Recording   from the Swept Volume toolbar.

  11. The Swept Volume Dialog box appears.


  12. Select the options as shown above, and select the Preview button. The Computation in progress dialog box appears.


  13. When completed, the preview window appears with the Swept Volume.


  14. Select Save in the Swept Volume dialog box, and in the Save As dialog box appears, Save the Swept Volume.

  15. After the save, you can Import the Swept Volume.