Split Mold Area Parameters

More Operating Mode information is available in the Basic Task Splitting a Face.

Elements to Cut

Propagation type

There are three ways of selecting faces based on a Propagation type:

  • No propagation lets you select faces by hand in the viewer,
  • Point continuity selects all the faces in the same body (core, cavity, other) that have a contact point with the selected face,
  • Tangent continuity selects all of the faces in the same body that are tangent to the selected face.
  • Select the type of propagation you wish to use before selecting a face.
  • The elements selected turn to gray.
  Elements list

When you select faces either by point or tangent continuity, the dialog box indicates the number of elements selected.
Use the contextual menu Display list to display the list of elements so that you can modify its contents.
The contextual menu Reset list can also be used to clear the list.

Once the list is displayed, you can select elements in it to remove or you can clear the list.


Removes selected elements from the list.


Resets the list of selected elements.

Cutting Element

Displays the name of the element selected as a cutting element.

Element Destination

After Apply, displays the result of the split with their proposed destination.

Switch Destination

Switches the destination of the computed surfaces.

Change Destination

Becomes active when an element is selected in the list and changes its destination to that of the Destination field.

Contextual menu

  • -> Cavity, -> Core, -> Other: changes the destination of the element without selecting the destination in the Destination list and pushing the Change Destination button.

  • Change Destination: equivalent to the Change Destination button.


Lists the possible destinations and displays the one selected.