CADAM Drafting to V5 Interactive Drafting -- Element Mapping

atarget.gif (1372 bytes) This section describes how CADAM Drafting elements are interpreted in CATIA.
The CATIA-CADAM Interface product provides the capability of opening a CADAM Drafting model directly in the V5 Interactive Drafting environment. As a CADAM Drafting model is opened, the elements in the model are converted from CADAM Drafting format to V5 Interactive Drafting format. The conversion handles all 2D geometric and annotation elements supported in a CADAM Drafting model.

Currently in V5, not all elements and element properties supported in CADAM Drafting are supported in the Interactive Drafting product. In most of these cases, the element or element property is transferred to the closest compatible element or property. In some cases, complex elements are exploded into primitive elements during the transfer. As additional elements and element properties are incorporated into the Interactive Drafting product in future releases, the CATIA-CADAM Interface product will be updated to provide a more accurate mapping.

The following tables provide detailed information for the specific mapping between CADAM Drafting and V5 Interactive Drafting. The tables are organized by element type:

Structural Elements
Geometric Elements
Non-Text Elements
Text-Based Elements
Dimensions and Dimension Properties