Structural Model Elements and Model Properties

This table shows how CADAM Drafting structural model elements and model properties are interpreted in CATIA. Structural model elements are the main grouping or organizational elements used to define a model. Examples of structural model elements are details and views.
Note: Not transferred (*) designates that the element or property is not supported in the current release of the V5 Interactive Drafting product.

CADAM Drafting Element/Property

Interactive Drafting Element/Property


Structural Model Elements:


Detail views on detail sheet(s) V5 Drafting has multiple detail sheets, and each sheet can hold 10 detail views. Each CCD Detail is transferred to a detail view on this sheet. The lever point becomes a standard point. Detail names are transferred.




Not transferred (*)  


Related Geometric Elements:    

2D axis - main axis


2D axis - auxiliary axis

Not transferred (*)  


Not transferred The Interactive Drafting product does support the concept of a grid, but the grid information is not stored as an element within a drafting document. Rather, it is an attribute of the users interactive V5 environment.
Model Properties:    
  Drafting standard (ANSI, ISO, JIS) The Interactive Drafting product explicitly associates a drafting standard (ANSI, ISO, JIS) to a drawing. This standard drives the display and behavior of some drafting elements (e.g., dimensions). The CADAM Drafting product associates a drafting standard with elements in a model, but does not associate a standard with the model. Therefore as a CADAM Drafting model is transferred, the elements within the model will be used to determine the standard. Specifically, the dimensions in the model are queried to determine the standard of the drawing. For example, if the CADAM Drafting model has ANSI standard dimensions, the Interactive Drafting drawing will be set to ANSI standard. In general practice, all elements in a CADAM Drafting model are of the same standard. If a model is encountered where elements from multiple standards exist, the standard of the first encountered dimension will be used. If no dimensions exist, the standard will be set based on the units of the CADAM Drafting model. If the units are metric, the standard will be set to ISO. Otherwise, the standard will be set to ANSI.
  Sheet size The Interactive Drafting product defines an explicit sheet size with all drawings. The CADAM Drafting product does not associate a fixed sheet size with a model. When transferring a CADAM Drafting model to Interactive Drafting, the sheet size is determined by defining a bounding box around all of the elements within the CADAM Drafting model. The sheet size of the Interactive Drafting drawing is then set to the smallest available sheet size that contains the calculated bounding box.

Model text

Not transferred (*)

Plot data information

Print Selection Area The Interactive Drawing product has a "Print Selection Area" option under File - print that is similar to plot data.

Units per inch

Not transferred The Interactive Drawing product uses the same storage units for all drawings. The user is able to establish "working" units while interacting with the model. All interactions between the system and user will be done in "working" units.

Window sets

Not transferred (*)