Working with a User Workbench

This topic provides the expert user with a workbench use example. To complete this task, the user may use the CATfct file he created in Generating a User Workbench or he may use his own file.
  1. From the Start Menu, select the Indirect Vision workbench (or the workbench you created). The workbench opens.

  2. Click the icon to activate your workbench and click the root product. The workbench is now activated.

  3. Click the IndirectVision icon to type your Product. The product is now typed and is displayed along with the associated variables.

The items displayed below the typed product are the type parameters as well as the those defined in CATIA. Note that the user can filter the parameters/variables displayed using the Tools>Options menu. To find out more see, Customizing the Business Process Knowledge Template Settings.
  • Parameters added to extended objects using the f(x) icon are considered as:
Internal parameters (IN) if prefixed with IN_
External parameters (OUT) if prefixed with OUT_
Neutral if they are not prefixed
  • Publications (Part and Product) are considered as external parameters (OUT).
  • External references (Part) are considered as internal parameters (IN).