Generating the User Workbench

In this last topic of the scenario, the expert user generates the end-user workbench. For the workbench to be correctly generated, see Before you start and check that the files provided are located in the appropriate directories.
  1. Open the IndirectVisionStep03.CATfct located in the directory corresponding to the CATGraphicPath environment variable.

  2. Click the Generate Applicative Workbench icon (). The Applicative Workbench Generation window is displayed.

  3. In the Workbench Name field, enter RearViewMirror.

  4. From the Workbench Type scrolling list, select Product.

  1. Click OK to validate. A new user workbench has been generated (see picture below.)

  2. To use the generated workbench, proceed to the End-User Use cases: