Customizing Options

This task explains how to customize general options.
  1. Select Tools > Customize or right-click any icon in any toolbar then select Customize to open the Customize dialog box:

  2. Access the Options tab:

    All the options displayed in this dialog box can be locked by the administrator.
    When an option is locked, it is disabled when the end user starts a session and a red lock symbol is displayed to the left of the locked option.

    Large Icons

    By default, Large Icons is activated, which means that the size of the toolbar icons is classic.

    If you want the toolbar icons to have a smaller size, click to clear this check box.

    Icon Size Ratio

    When Large Icons is activated and if you are working on Windows, you can use the slider Icon Size Ratio to define more precisely the ratio to be applied. You can choose a value comprised between 1 and 5.
    Once the ratio is defined, you need to restart your Version 5 session to take the new size into account.

    Below are two examples with two different icon sizes:

    Ratio = 1 (default) Ratio = 1.5


    Select the Tooltips check box to display tooltips.

    Tooltips are short help messages displayed when you point to icons, as explained in Displaying Tooltips and Help Messages.

    Lock Toolbar Position

    Select the Lock Toolbar Position check box to lock the position of all toolbars so that they cannot be moved.

    Note that you do not need to restart the session to take the lock into account.

    User Interface Language

    The User Interface Language check box lets you define a Version 5 user interface language independently from any other localized languages that may be used in other applications. This option is used as follows:

    • you can either leave the box to Environment language (default), which corresponds to the language you define in the Regional Settings tab (on Windows) or in the LANG variable (on UNIX)
    • or you can set the box to English to display Version 5 dialog messages in English, the messages of remaining applications being localized.
      The use of English messages in Version 5 can make easier the communication with patners.

    Once you have selected the desired language, you have to restart your Version 5 session to take the new language into account.

    Note: The use of this option with values other than Environment language (default) or English is not supported.

  3. Click Close to validate.