Vehicle Occupant Accommodation  


  The Vehicle Occupant Accommodation tab is only available with the Vehicle Occupant Accommodation product license.

This page deals with Vehicle Occupant Accommodation options.

User Defined Methods


The list zone contains the list of User Defined Methods. (A user-defined method is a list of values or formulas to be used in evaluating some key parameters in the provided posture prediction methods [Cascade and Optimization] that replace the default ones).

User-defined methods are saved in the file CATTHBRVOASetting.CATSettings.

DThe default value for this option is that no methods are defined.

Hand Posture

If option "Using Hand Grasp" is selected, a steering wheel is created using the values of the package, and auto hand grasp is applied, then the created steering wheel is removed.

If option "Apply predefined posture" is selected, a predefined posture is applied to the hands and fingers of the manikin no matter of the real dimensions of the package.  This predefined posture is the same as if we apply hand grasp on the default package.

DThe initial setting is Apply predefined posture.

Package Definition

When this option is checked, all dimension arrows of the package are shown as follows:

When this option is not checked, only dimension arrows corresponding to the section shown in the package definition panel are shown as follows:

DThe default value is to have the Show all dimension arrows checkbox unselected.