Adding a User-Defined Method Based on Cascade 

This task describes how to add a user-defined method based on cascade.
  1. In the User Defined Method panel of the Tools > Options > Human Builder > Vehicle Occupant Accommodation tab, click the Add button.
    The User-Defined Method Definition dialog box appears.
    Cascade is selected by default; if not, select Cascade.

  2. In the Name field, type the name you want to assign to your new User-Defined Method.

  3. Click on the f(x) [Function] button next to the parameter you want to modify.
    The Formula Editor the dialog box appears.

  4. Enter a formula in the Formula Editor then click OK.
    The User-Defined Method Definition dialog box reappears with the value of the parameter updated, and the signature of the formula appears in the textbox near the edited parameter.

  5. Repeat the steps from inserting a function through to this step for all the parameters you want to modify.

  6. Click OK.
    The User Defined Method panel reappears with the added method appended to the end of the list.

  7. In Tools > Options, click OK  for the definition to persist in the CATSettings file.