Opening a CATIA Version 4 Assembly Document

This task shows you how to open a asm document, that is a CATIA V4 assembly into Assembly Design.
  1. Click the Open icon:

  1. In the File Selection dialog box, select the file location and click Open.

  • The application converts the asm document into a CATProduct document.

  • The new document has the same properties as the V4 document.


However, if the name of the V4 document includes special characters, CATIA converts these characters into new ones according to the characters equivalence table. For more about this table, please refer to V4 Data Reading settings in the Infrastructure User's Guide..


In our example, the CRIC product normally includes three sub-products (BRANCH, CRIC_SCREW and CRIC_FRAME), but the application informs us that these components could not be retrieved.
As a consequence, geometry is not available and constraints appear as broken in the specification tree:

  1. What you need to do is resolve the links to these documents. To do so, use the "Linked Document Localization" capability. To access it, select the Tools->Options... command then in the General category, click  the Document tab. Proceed as explained in Document settings in the Infrastructure User's Guide..


Once the operation is done, you can reopen your asm document and note that the links are resolved.


You can then perform any operation you want. When saving this CATProduct document, you cannot alter the original asm document.