Local Modifications to a 
Multi-Axis Flank Contouring Operation

task target This task illustrates how to create then locally modify a Multi-Axis Flank Contouring operation in the program. First the operation will be globally created in Tanto Fan mode. Then the first and last drives will be locally modified to:
  • use a Tanto guiding strategy
  • use different offsets
  • use a 4-axis constraint.
pre-requisites Open the Part5XDemoGFC.CATPart document, then select Machining > Advanced Machining from the Start menu. Make the Manufacturing Program current in the specification tree.  
scenario 1. Select the Multi-Axis Flank Contouring icon .

2. Use the sensitive icon in the Geometry page to:
  • select the part surface
  • select the drive surfaces (Drive 1 to Drive 5) either manually or using the navigation functionality for face selection.
  • select the start and stop limiting elements
  • set a 1mm offset of the drive surfaces.

3. Select the Strategy tab page to specify Tanto Fan tool axis guidance.

The other Strategy parameters can be left at the default values. The default Tool, Feeds and Speeds, and NC macros can also be used.

4. Check the validity of the operation by replaying the tool path.
5. Right click the drive surfaces area in the sensitive icon of the Geometry page and select Local Modifications. The Local Drive Surfaces dialog box appears:

6. Double click line 1, which corresponds to the first drive. The Local Drive Surface 1 dialog box appears.
Modify the drive by adding a 2mm offset and changing the tool axis guidance to Tanto
Click OK.

The updated Local Drives dialog box appears:

7. Double click line 5, which corresponds to the last drive, and modify it in the same way.
8. Check the validity of the modifications by replaying the tool path. Tanto replaces Tanto Fan on first and last drives.
9. Click the 4-axis constraint symbol (Optional 4X plane) on the Strategy tab page icon and select an edge as shown:

10. In the Local Drive 1 and Local Drive 5 dialog boxes, select the Enable 4-axis checkbox. 

The Local Drives dialog box is updated:

11. Check the validity of the modifications by replaying the tool path. The 4-axis constraint is applied on the first and last drives.

  12. Double click line 3: the Local Drive Surface 3 dialog box appears.
Modify the local slowdown rate to 90%.
Click OK.

The Local Drives dialog box is updated:

  13. Check the validity of the modification by replaying the tool path. The feedrate reduction is applied is applied on the third drive.

Note that the local reduction can be combined with the Feedrate reduction in corners settings in the Feeds and Speeds tab page . Refer to Multi-Axis Flank Contouring: Feeds and Speeds for more information.

14. Click OK to create the operation.
Please note:
  • Tanto tool axis guidance only exists as a local mode
  • 4-axis constraint can only be applied to Normal to part and Tanto tool axis guidance.

end of task