Batch Compiler Return Codes

At the end of compilation, the compiler sets the return code to zero under any of the following conditions:

Otherwise, the compiler sets the return code to one of the following values:

Return Code Error Type
1 Any error with a severity level higher than the setting of the halt compiler option has been detected.
40 An option error or an unrecoverable error has been detected.
41 A configuration file error has been detected.
250 An out-of-memory error has been detected. The xlC command cannot allocate any more memory for its use.
251 A signal-received error has been detected. That is, an unrecoverable error or interrupt signal has occurred.
252 A file-not-found error has been detected.
253 An input/output error has been detected: files cannot be read or written to.
254 A fork error has been detected. A new process cannot be created.
255 An error has been detected while the process was running.

Message and Listing Information
Compiler Message Format

Message Severity Levels and Compiler Response