Options that Specify the Compiler Object Code Produced

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Specify the architecture on which the executable program will be run 32, 64
Use the linkage editor to create a dynamic library file (ld command only) G
Specify the register allocation spill area spill
Specify if and how parallelized object code is produced (C Only) smp
Choose code optimization options O, optimize
pdf1, pdf2
Generate information used by the fdpr performance-tuning utility fdpr
Set inlining options Q
Choose alignment rules for aggregates align
Choose storage type for constant values roconst
Choose storage types for string literals ro
Set the size of a long double (64 or 128 bits) ldbl128
Ignore long long int types longlong
Set the rounding mode of floating-point expressions y
Reduce code size compact
Set object model objmodel
Set floating point options float
Set rounding of single-precision expressions float (-qfloat=hssngl)
Include extra instructions to detect NaN float (-qfloat=nans)
Remove range checking float (-qfloat=hsflt)
Set rounding of single-precision (float) operations float (-qfloat=rndsngl)
Detect and trap floating point exceptions flttrap
Generate floating point multiply-add instructions float (-qfloat=maf)
Prevent incompatible optimizations float (-qfloat=rrm)
Evaluate floating point expressions at compile time float (-qfloat=fold)
Generate bind-time type checking extchk
Choose type-based aliasing during optimization alias
Initialize automatic storage initauto
Limit the amount of memory maxmem
Mark data as local or imported datalocal, dataimported
Mark functions as local, imported, or unknown proclocal, procimported, procunknown
Substitute inline code for calls to alloca ma
Perform optimizations that assume errno is not modified by system calls ignerrno

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