Options that Specify Debugging Features

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Produce only line number and source file name information linedebug
Produce debug information g
Enable debug versions of memory management functions heapdebug
Specify full path information when you use -g fullpath
Generate and set the charcateristics of the traceback table tbtable
Include all typedef declarations, struct, union, and enum type definitions for xldb processing. dbextra
Produce informational messages. info
Initialize automatic storage to a two-digit hexadecimal byte value. initauto
Generate extra instructions to detect and trap floating point exceptions. flttrap
Generate bind-time type checking information and check for compile-time consistency. extcheck
Specify minimum severity level of diagnostic messages to be reported. flag=i:i
Set up object files for profiling profile
Trap null pointer usage, subscript exceeding array bounds, or division of an integer by zero check
Ignore isolated_call aliasing pragmas ignprag

Debugging Memory Heaps
Memory Management Functions
Managing Memory with Multiple Memory Heaps

Debug Programs with Heap Memory

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