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Commands Reference, Volume 5

trcnm Command


Generates a kernel name list.


trcnm-a FileName ] ] | [ FileName ] | -KSymbol1 ...


The trcnm command generates a kernel name list used by the trcrpt command. A kernel name list is composed of a symbol table and a loader symbol table of an object file. The trcrpt command uses the kernel name list file to interpret addresses when formatting a report from a trace log file. For more information, see the trcrpt -n command.

If the FileName parameter is not specified, the default FileName is /unix.


-a Writes all loader symbols to standard output. The default is to write loader symbols only for system calls.
-KSymbol... Obtains the value of all command line symbols through the knlist command system call.


  1. To obtain the value of the symbols in /unix, enter:

    trcnm -K environ errno

    This command sequence displays the following:

    environ 2FF7FFF8
    errno 2FF7FFFC
  2. To print a symbol table for system calls, enter:


    A list similar to the following is generated:

    pin_obj_start    00000000
    header_offset    00000008
    ram_disk_start   0000000C
    ram_disk_end     00000010
    dbg_avail        00000014
    base_conf_start  00000018
    base_conf_end    0000001C
    base_conf_disk   00000020
    pin_com_start    00000024
    start            00000028
    ipl_cb           00000028


/var/adm/ras/trcfile Contains the default log file.
/tlo-tvl2/trcnam Contains the trcnm command.
/etc/trcfmt Contains the trace format file.

Related Information

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The trcfmt file format.

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