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Commands Reference, Volume 5

topsvcs Command


Starts or restarts topology services on a cluster node.




Use topsvcs script to start the operation of topology services for a cluster.

The topsvcs script is not normally executed from the command line. It is normally called by the topsvcsctrl control script, which is in turn called by the HACMP/ES startup process.

The topsvcs script issues these commands:

no -o nonlocsrcroute=1
no -o ipsrcroutesend=1
no -o ipsrcrouterecv =1
no -o ipsrcrouteforward=1

These commands enable IP source routing. Do not change this setting, because the topology services subsystem requires this setting to work properly. If you change the setting, the topology services subsystem and a number of other subsystems that depend on it will no longer operate properly.


Instructs the topology services daemon to reject messages that are apparently delayed.
Instructs the topology services daemon not to reject messages that are apparently delayed (this is the default).


You must have root privilege to run this command.

Exit Status

Indicates the successful completion of the command.
Indicates the command was unsuccessful.

Environment Variables

This environment variable should be set before this command can be executed. It must be set to the location of the UNIX-domain socket used by topology services clients to connect to the topology services daemon. This environment variable must be set to /var/ha/soc/hats/server_socket.partition name.
If HB_SERVER_SOCKET is not set, then HA_SYSPAR_NAME must be set to the partition name.


This command is valid in an HACMP environment only.

Use this command only under the direction of the IBM Support Center.

Standard Output

When the -h flag is specified, this command's usage statement is written to standard output. All verbose messages are written to standard output.

Standard Error

This command writes error messages (as necessary) to standard error.


To instruct the topology services daemon on the local node to start discarding apparently delayed messages, enter:

export HA_SYSPAR_NAME=partition1
/usr/sbin/rsct/bin/hatsoptions -s


Contains the topsvcs script


/var/ha/soc/hats/server_socket.partition name

Related Information

Commands: lssrc, startsrc, stopsrc

Scripts: topsvcsctrl

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