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Commands Reference, Volume 5

subj Command


Generates a list of subjects from a document.


subjFile ... ]


The subj command searches one or more English-language files for subjects that might be appropriate in a subject-page index and prints the list of subjects on the standard output. The document should contain formatting commands (from the nroff, troff, and mm commands, among others) to make the best use of the subj command.

The subj command selects sequences of capitalized words as subjects, except for the first word in each sentence. Thus, if a sentence begins with a proper noun, the capitalization rule does not select this word as a subject. However, since each sentence is expected to begin on a new line, the first word of a sentence that begins in the middle of a line may be erroneously selected. Also, the subj command selects modifier-noun sequences from the abstract, headings, and topic sentences (the first sentence in each paragraph). Thus, occasionally a word is incorrectly categorized as a noun or adjective.

The output of the subj command may not be appropriate for your needs and should be edited accordingly.


File Specifies the English-language files that the subj command searches for appropriate subjects for indexing.

Related Information

The mm command, ndx command, nroff command, troff command.

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