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Commands Reference, Volume 3

migratelp Command


Moves allocated logical partition from one physical partition to another physical partition on a different physical volume.


migratelp LVname/LPartnumber[ /Copynumber ] DestPV[/PPartNumber]


The migratelp moves the specified logical partition LPartnumber of the logical volume LVname to the DestPV physical volume. If the destination physical partition PPartNumber is specified it will be used, otherwise a destination partition is selected using the intra region policy of the logical volume. By default the first mirror copy of the logical partition in question is migrated. A value of 1, 2 or 3 can be specified for Copynumber to migrate a particular mirror copy.

Note: You must consider the partition usage, reported by lvmstat, on the other active concurrent nodes in case of a concurrent volume group.

The migratelp command fails to migrate partitions of striped logical volumes.


To use migratelp, you must have root user authority.


  1. To move the first logical partitions of logical volume lv00 to hdisk1, type:

    migratelp lv00/1 hdisk1
  2. To move second mirror copy of the third logical partitions of logical volume hd2 to hdisk5, type:

    migratelp hd2/3/2 hdisk5
  3. To move third mirror copy of the 25th logical partitions of logical volume testlv to 100th partition of hdisk7, type:

    migratelp testlv/25/3 hdisk7/100


/usr/sbin Directory where the migratelp resides.

Related Information

The lslv command, and lvmstat command.

The Logical Volume Storage Overview in the AIX 5L Version 5.2 System Management Concepts: Operating System and Devices.

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