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Commands Reference, Volume 2

gencopy Command


Allows software products of various packaging formats (installp, RPM, ISMP) to be copied.


To Copy Software from Media to Target Location

gencopy -d Media [ -t TargetLocation ] [ -D ] [ -b bffcreateFlags ] [ -X ] -f File | CopyList... | all

To List Software Products and Packages on Media

gencopy -L -d Media


The gencopy command is the wrapper to the bffcreate command. It determines what images must be copied and calls the appropriate command. For RPM, ISMP, or other types of images where the list of required files is unknown, all the files in the subdirectory are copied to the target location.


-b bffcreateFlags Specifies the following flags that are valid: l, q, v, w, and S.
-d Media Specifies the device or directory where the install images exist. Media can be a device (/dev/cd0, /dev/rmt0) or directory.
-D Calls bffcreate with the -D option, instructing it to remove images after the copy. This flag is not valid with non-installp images.
-f File Specifies a file that contains a list of images to copy to the target location. RPM and ISMP images should be prefixed with an "R:" or "J:" respectively.
-L Lists the install packages on the media. This listing is colon separated and contains the following information:


bos.sysmgt:bos.sysmgt:bos.sysmgt.nim.client: Install Manager - Client Tools

bos.sysmgt:bos.sysmgt:bos.sysmgt.smit: Management Interface Tool (SMIT)

-t TargetLocation Specifies the directory where the installation image files are stored. If the -t flag is not specified, the files are saved in the /usr/sys/inst.images directory.
-X Extends the file system automatically if space is needed.


To copy all of the image from a CD (/dev/cd0) to an LPP_SOURCE (/export/lpp_source/500) use, type:

gencopy -d  /dev/cd0 -t  /export/lpp_source/500 all



Related Information

The bffcreate command.

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