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Commands Reference, Volume 2

dslpreject Command


Reject print queue requests for directory-enabled System V print systems.


dslpreject [ -r Reason ] PrintQueueName


The dslpaccept and dslpreject commands are used to set a print queue so that it will accept or reject print requests being queued for it. Unlike the accept and reject commands, the directory-enabled commands can control remote print systems, so long as they are directory-enabled. This is because they write directly to the print queue object on the directory server. Print requests that are already queued are not affected by the dslpreject command.

The user of this command must be directory-enabled and have permissions set for write, modify, search and read on the directory, in the directory context in which the user is administrator.


-r Reason Assigns a reason for the rejection. Strings containing whitespace should be within double quotes. Reason is a string that is displayed by the lpstat command. No default reason is set when one is not specified.



The PrintQueueName parameter is the RDN of the print queue object. Multiple print queue names may be specified in a comma-separated list.

Exit Status

Indicates success.
Indicates invalid options.
Indicates that the specified print queue is unknown.
Indicates that this user does not have modify permissions.
Indicates that an invalid RDN was supplied.
Indicates that the value is already set.
Indicates that the command is unable to contact the directory service
Indicates any other error.


  1. To set a print queue to reject requests and specify the reason that there is no toner, enter the following:
    dslpreject -r "no toner" printer1

Related Information

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