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Commands Reference, Volume 2

dfmounts Command


Displays mounted resource information.


dfmounts [ -F fstype ] [ -h ] [ server ... ]


The dfmounts command prints local systems that are remotely mounted by clients through Network File System (NFS). It also prints the list of clients that have mounted the resource.The dfmounts command prints a header that is followed by a list of resource information separated with whitespace characters within fields.

For each resource, the following fields are displayed:

For NFS, a hyphen "-" is marked.
Indicates the machine from which the resource was mounted.
Indicates the path of the shared resource.
A comma separated list of systems that currently have the resource mounted.


-F fstype Specifies the File System Type (fstype). Only nfs type of filesystem is supported.
-h Suppress the header line in the output of dfmounts.


Server Represents a system on the network that had made its resources available to the local system. Server prints the resources that is made available from the machine together with the current clients using each resource. If this parameter is not specified, then the dfmounts command prints information by assuming that server is the local system. Multiple server names can be provided with the dfmounts command.

Exit Status

The command completed successfully
An error occurred.



  1. To print the mounted resource information on a the system "mercury" for filesytem type "nfs", enter:
    dfmounts -F nfs mercury 
  2. To print mounted resource information without header on the system for filesystem type "nfs", enter:
    dfmounts -hF nfs


/usr/bin/dfmounts Contains the generic System V dfmounts command.
/usr/lib/fs/nfs/dfmounts Contains the System V dfmounts command for nfs.
/etc/vfs Contains the description for known virtual filesystem implementations.

Related Information

The dfshares command.

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