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Commands Reference, Volume 1

asa or fpr Command


Prints FORTRAN files to in line-printer conventions.


asa fpr } [ File ... ]


The asa and fpr commands print FORTRAN files to conform to this operating systems line-printer conventions. Both commands work like a filter to transform files formatted according to FORTRAN carriage control conventions into files formatted according to line-printer conventions.

The File variable specifies the name of the input file that the asa and fpr commands read instead of the standard input. The asa and fpr commands read the file, replace the carriage control characters with recognizable operating system characters, and print the file to standard output.

Both commands read the first character of each line from the input file, interpret the character, and space the line according to the definition of the first character. If the first character is either a Blank, a 0, a dash (-) , a 1, or a plus sign (+), either command does the following:

Blank Advances the carriage one line and prints the input line.
0 Advances the carriage two lines and prints the input line.
- Advances the carriage three lines and prints the input line.
1 Advances the carriage to the top of the next page.
+ Does not advance the carriage and starts printing the input line in the first space of the output file.

The commands interpret a blank line as if its first character is a blank and delete a blank that appears as a carriage control character. It treats lines that begin with characters other than the defined control characters as if they begin with a blank character. The first character of a line is not printed. If any such lines appear, an appropriate diagnostic appears in the standard error.

Note: Results are undefined for input lines longer than 170 characters.

Exit Status

This command returns the following exit values:

0 Successful completion.
>0 An error occurred.


  1. Use the fpr command in the following manner to change the carriage control characters in an a.out file produced by a FORTRAN compiler into carriage control characters and print the resulting file:

    a.out | fpr | qprt
  2. Use the asa command in the following manner to run the f77.output file through the asa command to change carriage control characters from FORTRAN to the operating system and print the resulting file.

    asa f77.output | qprt


/usr/ucb/fpr Contains the fpr command.
/usr/bin/asa Contains the asa command.

Related Information

The fsplit command, qprt command, struct command.

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