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System User's Guide: Operating System and Devices

List of Bourne Shell Built-in Commands

: Returns a zero exit value
. Reads and executes commands from a file parameter and then returns.
break Exists from the enclosing for, while, or until command loops, if any.
cd Changes the current directory to the specified directory.
continue Resumes the next iteration of the enclosing for, while, or until command loops.
echo Writes character strings to standard output.
eval Reads the arguments as input to the shell and executes the resulting command or commands.
exec Executes the command specified by the Argument parameter, instead of this shell, without creating a new process.
exit Exits the shell whose exit status is specified by the n parameter.
export Marks names for automatic export to the environment of subsequently executed commands.
hash Finds and remembers the location in the search path of specified commands.
pwd Displays the current directory.
read Reads one line from standard input.
readonly Marks name specified by Name parameter as read-only.
return Causes a function to exit with a specified return value.
set Controls the display of various parameters to standard output.
shift Shifts command-line arguments to the left.
test Evaluates conditional expressions.
times Displays the accumulated user and system times for processes run from the shell.
trap Runs a specified command when the shell receives a specified signal or signals.
type Interprets how the shell would interpret a specified name as a command name.
ulimit Displays or adjusts allocated shell resources.
umask Determines file permissions.
unset Removes the variable or function corresponding to a specified name.
wait Waits for the specified child process to end and reports its termination status.

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