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General Programming Concepts:
Writing and Debugging Programs

List of Numerical Manipulation Subroutines

These functions perform numerical manipulation:

a64l, l64a Convert between long integers and base-64 ASCII strings
abs, div, labs, ldiv, imul_dbl, umul_dbl, llabs, lldiv Compute absolute value, division, and multiplication of integers
asin, asinl, acos, acosl, atan, atanl, atan2, atan2l Compute inverse trigonometric functions
asinh, acosh, atanh Compute inverse hyperbolic functions
atof, atoff, strtod, strtold, strtof Convert an ASCII string to a floating point number
bessell: j0, j1, jn, y0, y1, yn Compute bessel functions
class, finite, isnan, unordered Determine types of floating point functions
copysign, nextafter, scalb, logb, ilogb Compute certain binary floating-point functions
nrand48, mrand48, jrand48, srand48, seed48, lcong48 Generate pseudo-random sequences
lrand48_r, mrand48_r, nrand48_r, seed48_r, or srand48_r Generate pseudo-random sequences
drem or remainder Compute an IEEE remainder
ecvt, fcvt, gcvt Convert a floating-point number to a string
erf, erfl, erfc, erfcl Compute error and complementary error functions
exp, expl, expm1, log, logl, log10, log10l, log1p, pow, powl Compute exponential, log, and power functions
floor, floorl, ceil, ceill, nearest,  
trunc, rint, itrunc, uitrunc, fmod, fmodl, fabs, fabsl Round floating-point numbers
fp_any_enable, fp_is_enabled, fp_enable_all,  
fp_enable, fp_disable_all, fp_disable Allow operations on the floating-point exception status
fp_clr_flag, fp_set_flag, fp_read_flag, or fp_swap_flag Allow operations on the floating-point exception status
fp_invalid_op, fp_divbyzero, fp_overflow,  
fp_underflow, fp_inexact, fp_any_xcp Test to see if a floating-point exception has occurred
fp_iop_snan, fp_iop_infsinf, fp_iop_infdinf,  
fp_iop_zrdzr, fp_iop_infmzr, fp_iop_invcmp Test to see if a floating-point exception has occurred
fp_read_rnd,fp_swap_rnd Read and set the IEEE rounding mode
frexp, frexpl, ldexp, ldexpl, modf, modfl Manipulate floating point numbers
l64a_r Converts base-64 long integers to strings
lgamma, lgammal, gamma Compute the logarithm of the gamma function
hypot, cabs Compute Euclidean distance functions and absolute values
13tol, ltol3 Convert between 3-byte integers and long integers
madd, msub, mult, mdiv, pow, gcd, invert,  
rpow, msqrt, mcmp, move, min, omin,  
fmin, m_in, mout, omout, fmout, m_out, sdiv, itom Provide multiple precision integer arithmetic
rand, srand Generate random numbers
rand_r Generates random numbers
random, srandom, initstate, setstate Generate better random numbers
rsqrt Computes the reciprocal of the square root of a number
sin, cos, tan Compute trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions
sinh, sinhl, cosh, coshl, tanh, tanhl Computes hyperbolic functions
sqrt, sqrtl, cbrt Compute square root and cube root functions
strtol, strtoll, strtoul, strtoull, atol, atoi Convert a string to an integer

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