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System Management Guide: Communications and Networks

Managing TTY Devices

Managing TTY devices tasks
Task SMIT fast path Command or file Web-based System Manager Management Environment
List Defined TTY Devices smit lsdtty lsdev -C -c tty -H Software --> Devices --> All Devices.
Add a TTY smit mktty mkdev -t tty1,2 Software --> Devices --> Overview and Tasks.
Move a TTY to Another Port3 smit movtty chdev -l Name -p ParentName -w ConnectionLocation2,4
Change/Show Characteristics of a TTY smit chtty lsattr -l Name -E (to show); chdev -l Name (to change)4,5 Software --> Devices --> All Devices --> Selected --> Properties.
Remove a TTY3 smit rmtty rmdev -l Name Software --> Devices --> All Devices --> Selected --> Delete.
Configure a Defined TTY (Make Available for Use) smit mktty mkdev -l Name Software --> Devices --> Overview and Tasks.

  1. Other flags may be used to further specify the new tty device. For example, to define and configure an RS-232 tty device connected to port 0 on the 8-port asynchronous adapter sa3 with the speed attribute set to 19200 and other attributes set to values retrieved from the foo file:

    mkdev -t tty -s rs232 -p sa3 -w 0 -a speed=19200 -f foo
  2. The mkdev and chdev commands support options that are not possible with Web-based System Manager or SMIT.
  3. Disable the tty before doing this task. See the pdisable command.
  4. Use flags to change specific characteristics about a tty from the command line.
  5. You can select a Posix baud rate from the List function, or you can type in non-Posix baud rate directly into the field. If the selected baud rate cannot be supported by the modem's hardware, the system displays an error message.

If adding or changing a tty from the command line, consult the following list to find out the Attribute name to specify in the -a Attribute=Value flag for the characteristic you want to set. For example, specify -a speed=Value to set the baud rate of a tty device.

Characteristic Attribute Name
Enable LOGIN login
BAUD rate speed speed
PARITY parity
BITS per character bpc
Number of STOP BITS stops
TIME before advancing to next port setting timeout
XON-XOFF handshaking xon
TERMINAL type term
FLOW CONTROL to be used flow_disp
OPEN DISCIPLINE to be used open_disp
STTY attributes for RUN time runmodes
STTY attributes for LOGIN logmodes
RUN shell activity manager shell
LOGGER name logger
STATUS of device at BOOT time autoconfig
TRANSMIT buffer count tbc
RECEIVE trigger level rtrig
STREAMS modules to be pushed at open time modules
INPUT map file imap
OUTPUT map file omap
CODESET map file csmap
INTERRUPT character intr
QUIT character quit
ERASE character erase
KILL character kill
END OF FILE character eof
END OF LINE character eol
2nd END OF LINE character eol2
SUSPEND PROCESS character susp
LITERAL NEXT character lnext
START character start
STOP character stop
WORD ERASE character werase
REPRINT LINE character reprint
DISCARD character discard

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