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Technical Reference: Communications, Volume 2

putpmsg System Call


Sends a priority message on a stream.


#include <stropts.h>

int putpmsg (fd, ctlptr,
dataptr, band, flags)
int fd;
struct strbuf * ctlptr;
struct strbuf * dataptr;
int band;
int flags;


The putpmsg system call is identical to the putmsg system call except that it sends a priority message. All information except for flag settings are found in the description for the putmsg system call. The differences in the flag settings are noted in the error codes section.


fd Specifies a file descriptor referencing an open stream.
ctlptr Holds the control part of the message.
dataptr Holds the data part of the message.
band Indicates the priority band.
flags Indicates the priority type of message to be sent. Acceptable values are:

Sends a non-priority message.

Sends a priority message.

Error Codes

The putpmsg system call is unsuccessful under the following conditions:

Implementation Specifics

This system call is part of STREAMS Kernel Extensions.

Related Information

The poll subroutine, read subroutine, write subroutine.

The getmsg system call, getpmsg system call, putmsg system call.

List of Streams Programming References and STREAMS Overview in AIX 5L Version 5.1 Communications Programming Concepts, and X/OPEN Common Application Environment (CAE) Specification: System Interfaces and Headers, Issue 5 (2/97).

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