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Technical Reference: Communications, Volume 2

flushband Utility


Flushes the messages in a given priority band.


void flushband(q, pri, flag)
register queue_t * q;
unsigned char pri;
int flag;


The flushband utility provides modules and drivers with the capability to flush the messages associated in a given priority band. The flag parameter is defined the same as in the flushq utility. Otherwise, messages are flushed from the band specified by the pri parameter according to the value of the flag parameter.


q Specifies the queue to flush.
pri Specifies the priority band to flush. If the value of the pri parameter is 0, only ordinary messages are flushed.
flag Specifies which messages to flush from the queue. Possible values are:

Discards all M_DATA, M_PROTO, M_PCPROTO, and M_DELAY messages, but leaves all other messages on the queue.

Discards all messages from the queue.

Implementation Specifics

This utility is part of STREAMS Kernel Extensions.

Related Information

The flushq utility.

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