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Technical Reference: Communications, Volume 2

FrcaCtrlLog Subroutine


Modifies the behavior of the logging subsystem.


FRCA Library (libfrca.a)


#include <frca.h>
int32_t FrcaCtrlLog ( FrcaHandle, Flags);
int32_t FrcaHandle;
uint32_t Flags;


The FrcaCtrlLog subroutine modifies the behavior of the logging subsystem for the Fast Response Cache Accelerator (FRCA) instance specified. Modifiable attributes are the logging mode, which can be turned on or off, and the logging format, which defaults to the HTTP Common Log Format (CLF). The logging format can be changed to Extended Common Log Format (ECLF) and can be set to include virtual host information.

The only FRCA instance type that is currently supported handles static GET requests as part of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).


FrcaHandle Returns a handle that is required by the other FRCA API subroutines to refer to the newly configured FRCA instance.
Flags Specifies the behavior of the logging subsystem. The parameter value is constructed by logically ORing single flags. The valid flags are as follows:






Return Values

0 The subroutine completed successfully.
-1 The subroutine failed. The global variable errno is set to indicate the specific type of error.

Error Codes

ENOTREADY The kernel extension is currently being loaded or unloaded.

Related Information

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